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The ABCs of Meditation

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

By Robby Soedargo

Mindful Living & Expectation Management Specialist

What do Steve Jobs, Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey, and Ray Dalio, just to name a few, have in common ? They are all successful individuals who have reached the peak of their chosen profession, and who have also incorporated meditation and mindfulness practice into their lives. Steve Jobs got the early inspiration for founding Apple while on a meditation retreat in India and Ray Dalio attributed meditation as the single most important reason for his success in the hedge fund industry.

The pace and demands of modern life have caused most of us to experience more stress than prior generations. Technological advances have increased our connectivity with one another tremendously, yet many of us are feeling increasingly disconnected with ourselves and our circle of loved ones. Stress releases stress hormones into our bloodstream and puts our body into a fight-or-flight response mode which inhibits our digestive and immune system, and has also been shown to reduce certain brain activities such as creativity. Our increasing disconnection with ourselves can cause many of us to start questioning our sense of self and purpose in life, which leads to even more stress !

Personally, I discovered meditation after experiencing a period of depression and dissatisfaction with life. It began a process of self-discovery and deep emotional healing, and I realized that my unhappiness was due to a lack of purpose in my life and disorientation after years of meeting societal and familial expectations. Meditation truly changed my life positively and I even discovered a passion for teaching and helping others to find their own freedom, purpose, and happiness in their own unique ways.

Meditation is the BEST life hack you will ever learn ! It is a simple, fun, and yet very powerful tool which if incorporated into our lifestyle will help to reduce our stress, improve our health, increase our base level happiness, and ultimately allow us to live a happy, balanced, and purposeful life that all of us deserve. The ABCs of Meditation program by The Golden Space of Indonesia will teach you the what, why, and how of meditation in 4 short weekly 90-min sessions and is designed to assist you to establish a regular and effective meditation practice. Discover why millions of people around the world meditate and start to transform your life positively!

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