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Heal and transform your life wherever you are.
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A deeper insight to transform your life.
Life is not always sunshine and rainbows, we have all been there, and there are moments where we feel stuck, stagnant, and at its worst frustrated and apathetic. It is in these moments we need a kind of push, positive encouragement and even better some form of guidance. It is okay, not to be okay, but this does not mean we should be not okay all of the time.

Our practitioners have been through many life experiences which have given them an intimate knowledge of various life challenges who are more than happy to share this with you in the hopes of making a difference in your life. Join one of our impactful workshops to take yourself to another level of awareness and positivity, allowing you to not only be okay, but feel great.
Upcoming Workshops
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Post-Recording Workshops
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Align & Empower Your Energy for 2022

Post-Recording Workshop

Join this special once-a-year session facilitated by Master Umesh H. Nandwani to empower & align yourself in preparation to manifest all of your wants and desires for the coming year and beyond; along with tips and spiritual insights of what 2022 might be like.

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Conscious Photography

Post-Recording Workshop

Key Benefits
•Gain simple tips to use your camera or phone to capture the image your thought you wanted

•Understand the thinking of a photographers mind leading to a photograph

•Understand key compositional structures

•Raise your awareness of elements of design
•Be empowered to explore photography more 

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Available on all platforms

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