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We are excited to introduce our new The Golden space Scholarship Buy 1 Give 1 Program where you, our lovely member of The Golden Space community, can help another to transform their life as you have with us. The Program is our commitment to help those in need in the way we can and bring total wellness to more people in the world.


How you can help?

This simple and no-fuss initiative only requires you to sign up for one of our selected programs. For every selected program signup, we will match it and give the same number of seats to our scholarship applicants.

Create the impact you have always wanted just by caring for yourself, and together we can make a difference. 


Diamond Identity Roadmap
Diamond Identity Roadmap
Oct 09, 2021, 3:00 PM GMT+8
Live Streaming via Zoom

For Scholarship Applicants

Our Buy 1 Give 1 program is a scholarship for others to have an opportunity to transform their life through our wellness programs. Let us know why you would like to apply for the workshop and our scholarship team will be in touch with you. 


• Those who needs financial support
• Those who believes in the benefits and values of The Golden Space programs and services
• Those who complete the application

The Golden Space Scholarship

Thanks for submitting!

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