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United in Hope & Love

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

By Abyan Junus-Nishizawa

Intimacy & Relationship Specialist

In times of crisis are we truly tested. As individuals, as families, as a community and even as nations. Covid-19 has affected us all no matter what race, religion or background you are from. Whether you are rich or poor, old or young, it has struck a deep chord into our lives changing it forever. It took a virus to unite the world to change. A crisis to force us all to evolve and to reflect on whether our current lifestyle is really the best for us and for the planet.

As humanity and as a planet, we have seen our fair share of disasters, wars and chaos happening around the world. The last big event that had impacted the world in human history was World War 2. At that time, nations were separated and focused a lot on domestic and internal issues but due to the war, governments had to come together and humanity united to fight for the universal values of freedom and peace. This brought about the co-operation of nations and a need to operate and view ourselves as more than a single country and from this cataclysmic event, global organisations such as the United Nations was born.

Covid-19 pandemic too has forced us to re-look our relationship with each other as a global family on Earth. The spread of the virus started in a single country but affected the whole world within weeks resulting in a lockdown by many governments, creating a chain reaction that has affected us globally. Whether you live alone or with your family, we are all contained at home forced to reflect on this phenomenon. Communities are unable to function as normal and even nations and governments have had to react with unprecedented rulings and regulations to manage this pandemic. The whole energy of the planet revolves around uncertainty and fear with the only hope right now for a vaccine to be created as soon as possible.

Despite it all, hope exists not only in the waiting of a vaccine discovery, but as time passes by, we have come to realise the blessings that was born from Covid-19. When crisis strikes, it is also the moment where you are forced to change and evolve. The time at home together with our family and even being on our own forces us into a deep reflection, a process which most of us did not have in our increasingly busy and disconnected lifestyle. A worldwide crisis happens to shift the consciousness of the whole of humanity. A crash of realities is needed for all of us to change and get out of our comfort zone. The world has been too busy to care for itself and now we have had to hit a pause button. In this standstill, the Earth has a chance to heal again. Carbon footprint has been reduced due to the slowing down of air travel and industrial business. Policies and procedures that backlogged a lot of operations has been expedited through digital transformation. Schools, mental wellness and healthcare systems have been reviewed to see what else they can improve for the benefit of the public. Even individuals are forced to assess their health and re-evaluate their connections with their families and loved ones now that they have to work and live at home more.

As we are in this moment of pause, it’s the best time for us to take this opportunity to reflect on how we want to move forward with our life once Covid-19 has passed us. On the 21st of May, The Golden Space Indonesia will be celebrating World Meditation day by conducting a free online meditation for the public. Meditation is a great tool to connect to a deep part of ourself. Each one of us can benefit from this internal process of contemplation. It is also a great way to manage and process all the emotions that we have picked up during this pandemic.

Join us on the 21st of May as we connect virtually with each other across the globe and unite in the energy of love and hope. Let us stand stronger together and rise beyond this crisis in hope for a healthier, better future for all the living beings on our beautiful planet Earth.

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