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Total Lunar Eclipse & Super Blood Moon

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

By Micheala Anggono

In-House Practitioner The Golden Space Global

Welcome to The Eclipse Season of 2021!

This month’s full moon will appear bigger, stronger, and redder than usual, as the rare 2 cosmic events will simultaneously occur at the same time on May 26th. We are going to experience the first Eclipse of 2021, The Blood Total Lunar Eclipse that coincides with the 2nd Super Full Moon. What an amazing entry for our first Eclipse Season of 202! Each year we are being blessed with a minimum of 2 Eclipse seasons, usually in the middle and at the end of the year. Eclipse season always comes in pair, Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse with the first one marking the opening portal of light energy and the last one as a closing doorway. May itself is a month rich with cosmic events, Saturn and Mercury will be joining Pluto in retrograde adding more ‘push’ to our Eclipse Gateway! The Big Energy Shift is starting to take the heat! Are you ready?

The Super Blood Moon in Sagittarius

The Blood Moon is known for its red glow only occurs during the lunar eclipse. It happened when the Sun, Earth, and Moon in the same plane of perfect alignment. At the time the planes coincide, the earth passes between the moon and the sun, cuts off some part of the sunlight to the moon causing the moon to be in the Earth’s shadow, and creating a Lunar Eclipse. The only light that reaches the moon’s surface is from the edges of the earth’s atmosphere, while the air molecule from earth scatters out most of the blue light, the remaining light reflects onto the moon’s surface with a red glow, making the moon appeared red in the night sky. In the moment that this coincides happens the Moon is at the closest position to Earth, making it a Super Blood Moon.

This Eclipse is intense, in Total Lunar Eclipse our Earth is bathing in the full force of the Sun opposing towards Super Moon on the other side. This push and pull magnetic force will be the opening portal energy of light that gives us acceleration in our consciousness, it’s like booster energy of transformation. The Super Blood Moon that falls in Sagittarius will be the Cosmic Gateway that gives new fresh energy of adventures of an explorer. Sagittarius is known for breaking through boundaries that are limiting and confining. It is a sign that not afraid of change that is full of curiosity and freedom, releasing new air of excitement of passion to spring out from the shell. Under this Super Blood Moon, don’t be surprised people might turn to be more receptive to accepting changes and new things. This will be the perfect timing to claim back our power!

It’s time to take Responsibility for What You Choose!

As I have mentioned in the Cosmic Series 2021 January article New Beginning, Are You Ready? This year is The Year of Refinement, the time for us to be self-responsible on refining our life. The 5-energy number from 2021 will bring changes that teach us how to Master our own Freedom, and manifesting our dreams by forging our skills through discipline, commitment and focus.

One particular key point of 2021 that will be challenged in this Eclipse will be about our discipline and commitment. This will be enhanced also from Saturn that is going retrograde just three days before Eclipse. As the planet of consequences, this moment will give us a deep reflection on personal responsibility towards our life purpose. Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn, who has an ambitious drive to become greater and better, the heights that can only be conquered through resilience and discipline. Have a moment to ask yourself,

What is the most important to you?


How much determination to make your dream come true?

The life that we are dreaming of and the happiness we want to achieve are always rooted in our integrity. Being fully responsible in every step of our life is always the key to Master our own life. To trust the cycle of trying, failing, and achieving is a sacred journey in each person's evolution. For whatever decision we are making in this life, everything always comes with a consequence, it is one of the Universal Law that gives balance in Cosmic Force. We are easily wishing our dream about what we want and easily forget to do the after work. So let us use this Eclipse Gateway to become more responsible in our own decision and take full charge of our own life!

Love & Magic,

Micheala Anggono

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