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Meditating The Modern Way for Corporate Wellness

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

By Helena Abidin

Leadership Wisdom Specialist

Meditation is no longer considered ancient. What was once known to be a pastime of yogis is now part of this modern, digital world. This is no surprise. Based on the 2019 World Economic Forum Global Risks Report, there are 700 millions of people estimated to suffer from mental disorders.

That means 10% of the world population. This can happen to anybody, especially people that we know (family, relatives, friends, and life partners). This can also happen to us. Unfortunately, society still does not help by stigmatizing people with these mental health issues as “weak”. No wonder, so many still choose to sweep it under the rug, pretending they are always well.

In the name of professionalism, many people suppress this inside. Based on the 2017 study done by Life Meets Work consulting firm, stressed-out leaders negatively affect the whole organization down to the lowest rank of staff. It is true that they have the hardest job of all, but if they fail at managing stress, this can impact the whole team – which may lead to work performance disturbances.

The Benefits of Meditation In Modern Times

These are the benefits of meditation in modern times, especially work-related:

- Gaining focus and awareness.

- Reducing anxiety.

- Lowering the heart rate and blood pressure.

In Indonesia, the idea of meditation is just beginning. Of course, it will take some time for people to understand that this has nothing to do with any religious affiliations. Meditation is indeed universal. Most importantly, it has nothing to do with emptying one’s mind.

The point is to calm yourself down despite the work chaos around you. Once you take a deep breath and carefully gather your thoughts, you get to make better decisions. This includes channeling into your creativity and spreading positive mindset at work.

This article is summarized the article written by Helena Abidin, published in Forbes Indonesia October 2019 edition.

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