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The Essence of Sound Therapy

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

By Michelle Chong International Sound Therapist

Girl relaxing in a sound therapy session

Many people see a sound healing or sound bath session as a relaxing one where they feel that they just enter the session to take a sleep while the sound therapist does the magic. I have also heard people comment that being a sound therapist is an easy job, as they just need to play a few notes or play the singing bowl in a random manner.

In this article, I focus the sharing on my personal experiences and the perceptions I have gained over the years as a professional sound therapist. To me, Sound healing is more than just a relaxing session.  Definitely, the vibrations from the sound session will keep you calm and relaxed by the end of the session.  If we look deeper at the process, every single vibration and tone played by the therapist is actually carrying a healing effect to our body, mind and soul.

Let me dissect this into three different areas to explain to you why a sound healing session can be so transformative.

Can be helpful reduce physical illness

If there is any tension or illness of the physical body, a professional sound therapist will be able to detect or feel it through vibration and frequency. I have had many experiences where I uncovered clients who had cysts in their wombs or irregular heart beat before the client approached his or her doctor for a full medical report. The reason a therapist is able to uncover these defects is because our organs carry different frequency and energy, and a professional sound therapist is trained to understand and use the tones and frequency of each of the sound tools to work on such illnesses. This is especially so when the illness is linked with emotions.

I would say that around 90% of physical symptoms experienced by the body is connected with our emotions, as our emotions are basically a form of energy which moves in our body and which we use to communicate with the outer world.

Can help reduce emotional issues

The second point relates to how sound can be used to heal emotional issues like depression and anxiety. When treating such cases, I will usually focus on working with the client to identify the root of the emotions that is creating the congestion or blockage in their life, which has also manifested in the physical energy blockage. This will result in a weaken immune system.

Using a specific sound instrument, I will then play a note of suitable tone and frequency and allow this sound to entrain into the body and create an effect of lifting up the low vibration and use a sound of another frequency to push it out from the body. Using a combination of notes with different frequency and interval tones, we can then gradually and effectively shift the emotions in the body. Using different frequencies, we can help to shake off the viruses and bacteria that currently fighting against the body, this has been proven by the scientific research. That’s why I highly recommend that people who want to use such sound tools should go through proper training before they start using them for their family and friends. 

Enjoy your life in this vibrational world and choose to take your life to a whole new level by experiencing the positive effects which sound can bring to your daily life. You are blessed and loved.

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