Balancing Your Chakras

For the benefit of readers who missed the bodymindsoul Jul-Sept 2014 issue, the word “chakra” means “spinning energy vortex”; and these energy vortices receive, give and express our vital life energy. Our bodies have seven main chakras and these chakras are located along our spinal cord - beginning from our tail bone and ending at the crown (or top) of our head.

If the chakras are balanced, this means that the body, mind and soul of a person is well and happy. It is important to clear and balance your chakras, as energy build-up can cause imbalances in your health as well as your emotions. Clearing and balancing your chakras is as easy as ABC.

Step A: Find The Right Environment Finding the right environment to balance your chakras is very important. It is difficult to do so in a busy street, in the office or when driving.

This is because balancing your chakras is a ‘sacred’ act where you connect with your body, with your soul and with the Universe, to be at peace. You can do your chakra balancing either indoors or outdoors.

Indoors: Keep a sacred space in your home. This may be a small corner in your bedroom, or a special room in the home where you do your energy work. The energy of this space must be clean and peaceful. One can clean a space through opening the windows and burning sandalwood or frankincense incense. This offering to the space will assist in your intention.

Put a comfortable cushion on the floor, and burn a few candles to set the mood. Essential oils also help. Blue lotus oil or frankincense oil helps to slow your thoughts and keep you heart centered. Playing soothing meditation music or a chakra cleansing CD in the background, like “Tibetan Chakra Meditations CD” by Christa Michell & Ben Scott, can be extremely helpful to induce the appropriate energies. Sit cross-legged comfortably, in a semi-lotus position.

Outdoors: Being with Mother Nature is the easiest way to balance your chakras, as nature’s energy is extremely calming and grounding. Just being outdoors will calm you. Nature's energy, having a higher negative ion count than that in the city, will soothe you.

Nature has a beautiful way of moving its energy into your system and assisting you in connecting with your heart. You will find it easy to be yourself with few thoughts or worries, because Gaia has actually been contracted to assist humankind in our spiritual path.

Breathe in deeply, the light and clean air and revel in the fact that you are alive and thriving. Thank Mother Nature for this wonderful safe space where you will do your chakra cleansing. Give this sacred space in nature your gratitude and you will receive bountiful love in return.

Step B: Focus On Balancing Your Chakras

(i) Take three deep breaths and with each breath; bring your focus to the way your chest rises and falls with each breath.

(ii) Give clear intent to balance and clear each chakra to its wondrous original state. As you give this intent, say words of gratitude to the Universe and the space for helping you.

(iii) Focus on the lowest chakra first; moving your way up.

(iv) Start with the Root chakra (red). Visualize a strong ray of white light coming in from the Divine to the top of your head and spilling down all the way to your Root chakra (red). Allow this white light to completely cover your Root chakra, cleansing it completely.

If the chakra feels off-balance; looks wobbly or the size is too big or too small, adjust the size of the chakra with the white light. Give intent to the chakra size to return to its original state. Next, visualize the white light cleansing it completely to its vibrant red.

If there are black spots or grey areas, allow the brilliant light to cleanse it. Once you feel and see that it is balanced and aligned with your spinal cord; give thanks and move towards balancing your next chakra.

(v) Now focus on your Sacral chakra (orange). Again, visualize a strong ray of white light coming from the Divine to the top of your head and spilling down all the way to your Sacral chakra (orange). Allow this white light to completely cover your Sacral chakra, cleansing it completely.

Focus all your attention on bringing the chakra size to its original state and at the center of your spinal cord. Next, continue to visualize the white light pouring onto and around your Sacral chakra to cleanse it. Continue until you see it return to its original Sacral chakra size, vibrant in orange.

(vi) Bring your attention towards your Solar Plexus chakra (yellow). Repeat step (iv) until balanced.

(vii) Next, continue and repeat the same process all the way upwards in sequence from your Heart chakra (green), Throat chakra (blue), Third Eye chakra (indigo) until you reach the Crown chakra (violet purple). Once it is all balanced, take three deep breaths.

Step C: Giving Gratitude

After completing the cleansing process, lastly visualize a white big ball of light covering your entire body. This white light will act as a protection and keep your calm state for a longer period of time.

Now start gently tapping various parts of your body, for example, your arms, torso and legs to bring yourself back to the present.

When you are ready, open your eyes. Remember to thank Mother Nature and the sacred space where you have done this beautiful process in. Also, give deep thanks to all your guardian angels and guides for assisting you on this journey towards inner peace.

Your chakras need to be balanced at least once a week for you to maintain a centered state of body, mind and soul. By giving yourself these few precious minutes every week, you will find that your heart feels lighter and your emotions calmer.

May you be enlightened and have a clearer path ahead of you. Namaste.

Inspired by Lucy Chan

Creating a Balanced & Abundant Life: Activate & Align your 9 Chakra System

This article was first published in volume 2 of bodymindsoul Magazine.

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