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Teoh Yeong Keait

In-House Practitioner

Teoh Yeong Keait a.k.a. YK is one of the In-house Practitioners in The Golden Space Malaysia. Dedicated time for career, he is a Professional Engineer in Malaysia who works hard to earn a living. He is once having much dissatisfaction and complaints about the working environment and life. What is happiness? Started from this question, he embarks the journey seeking the truth by joining a meditation class in The Golden Space Malaysia and the ‘Awaken The Divine You’ programme. Surprisingly, the relationship with his wife and family improved and he found a way to balance life. His career has turned smooth at the same time. He realizes and believes in the inner world can determine the outer world. By using this method, he applies and seeks continual improvement in every aspect of his life. As giving back to society, he decided to be a practitioner and to share what he has gained. YK provides Stress & Energy Reading to Young Office Executives and help them Improve their corporate lifestyle from Anxiety & Depression to Joy & Peace through Art Therapy.

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