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Pascal Dricot

Global Strategy & Leadership Coach

Certified Meditation Instructor

Pascal Dricot is the Managing Director of The Golden Space GmbH, moreover a certified life and business coach. He provides global strategy coaching to businesses and top executives to assist in achieving their long-term goals. His aim is to guide them in navigating the fast-changing business environment. Pascal found out the hard way how to be in the driver’s seat of your own career. During the life-transformational program “Awaken ~ The Divine You” he had his breakthrough that there is a much easier way to have abundance in all areas of life. His passion is the corporate world through private sessions and workshops to help business people to reach their highest potential more easily. He loves to change the mindset of successful managers who have a lot of stress and the feeling that their efforts are never enough. In a nutshell, Pascal wants to empower each person so that they can anchor a conscious life to be truly successful.

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