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Margaret Beagrie

Creative Arts Specialist

In-House Practitioner

Margaret (Marg) has dedicated her life to teaching students to materialise their inner self through her visual arts practice. Her passion for connecting with students authentic self has drawn her on a path of insight and clarity. Marg is passionate about Positive Thought Intentions. Speaking with Marg soon allows you to experience her heart-felt approach to sharing her vision within. She uses oracle cards to assist others to find the answers and insights to the challenges and opportunities upon them. Marg connects with the energy they seek and divines the universal language of energy that surrounds us all. Experience an introductory session with Marg and enjoy the discoveries. Her heart centred skills have stemmed from the self discovery in the international, certified, life-transformational "Awaken ~ The Divine You" Program conducted by international, metaphysical Master Umesh H. Nandwani of The Golden Space Centres.

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