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Low Sheau Shy

Certified Trainer & Meditation Instructor

Low Sheau Shy previously suffered from low self-esteem and was constantly living in fear, which resulted in her having looping negative thoughts and emotions. She felt completely lost. Her turning point came in 2009 when she embarked on a self-discovery journey. Not only did she regain clarity and connect all the missing pieces in her life, she also rebuilt her confidence, self-esteem and outlook on life. Having lost her direction and subsequently gaining clarity and trust about life, Sheau Shy has now made it her mission to help others regain full trust and confidence about themselves. She believes that a harmonious, balanced and compassionate world starts from a loving, peaceful and happy individual. Since 2011, she has brought inspiration and transformed over hundreds of participants through her mindfulness meditation, healing sessions, personal consultation and other self-development workshops. She is deeply committed and passionate to inspire, empower and transform others to live fulfilling lives.

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