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Jessie Moo

Certified Meditation Instructor

Jessie is a certified meditation instructor and certified angel cards reader. Through the self-realization journey, she transformed her negativity and became an Inner conflict specialist. She believes that unconditional love is the most powerful tool for us to achieve happiness, peace and harmony. She realized that the true happiness is coming from within when we truly embrace who we truly are. Jessie’s dream is to bring heaven on earth, which is the world without judgment. She found her life mission is to serve Mother Gaia by imparting her knowledge and experience, spreading love and light to the world. She always follows her heart despite life challenges. The reward is she is living a fulfilling life. She had been serving in Handicapped and Mentally Disable Children Association Johor Bahru for 5 years. The patients become happier, calmer and more at peace. She has been helping her clients to re-align to the pure energy, reprogram limited beliefs and unleash the power within.

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