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Alycia Tee

In-House Practitioner

Alycia, ex financial institution management personnel turned spiritual growth collaborator, holds Arts and Business degree from United States. Achieving years of Top national sales awards doesn’t make her happy but realized what is missing at work, at life.
Her life seems smooth and perfect in the eyes of others. But she walked through broken marriage, numeral time of surgeries, years of medication, work stress and now had recalling and receiving her gifts from the universe during her Progressive spiritual learning path since 2008.
She decided to become a companion guide in all spiritual being – focusing on bringing individual to self-acknowlegement and stepping out to the awakening journey.
She uses her gifts on her tarot directive healing, psychic reading, Past Life regression, Singing Bowl Vibrational Therapy, Energy Massage Healing, couple healing, workplace dilemma healing and hidden family healing.

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