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Master Umesh H. Nandwani, together with his partner, Ms Sushila Devi, founded The Golden Space and Shivshakti Healing & Consultancy in January 2005 in Singapore. They both travel worldwide to bring their workshops of self-discovery through their international certified Life Transformational Program called "Awaken~The Divine You"® which leads to self-awareness, personal empowerment and the realization of ones's purpose in life.
Master Umesh H. Nandwani

Master Umesh H. Nandwani [B.Msc, CSMC] is an International, Metaphysical, Spiritual Master Trainer, Reiki Master Healer, Life-transformation Advisor and Certified Stress Management Consultant. He has been meditating since young and has had numerous miracles happen to him. After years of searching for answers and undertaking spiritual practices, he experienced an intense awakening and realized that he was here on a mission to serve and inspire humanity to evolve to a higher spiritual level. He designed the “AWAKEN ~ THE DIVINE YOU”® program to help people reach enlightenment, self-realization, being healthy, happy and successful in life.

Master Sushila Devi

Master Sushila Devi founded The Golden Space® together with Master Umesh in 2005. She complements him in so many ways. Without her, Master Umesh couldn't start his given mission until she came as his right hand partner. From the beginning she has been managing all "Awaken~The Divine You"® retreats as well as the local and overseas practitioners, clients and students. 

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Our Founders' Vision

The ultimate vision of The Golden Space® is to create a culture of Oneness, with pure unconditional love and light towards mankind and all existence on earth. To awaken humanity towards self-discovery, spiritual growth and enlightenment – for a better world for all of us and future generations. Providing hope, harmony, peace, love and care – towards creating a peaceful, loving, caring earth & inhabitants.

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Our Founders' Mission

The ultimate mission of The Golden Space® is to be a part of the universal force which is non-religious and universal, bringing heavens on earth in all ways possible, with pure love, life and spiritual healings for mankind & mother earth through the promotion of workshops, courses, healing and other holistic services to all.

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Get ready to discover who you truly are

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