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Halloween Black Eyes

Your black cat's dramatic coloring calls for a name that's exceptional, too. When you're trying to choose a name for your black cat, think about unique, creative, fun names that describe not only his or her looks, but also personality.

Halloween Black Eyes

Of course, a black cat instantly brings to mind Halloween names like Spooky or Eve (short for All Hallows Eve) and witchy names like Morticia or Wednesday (both of Addams Family fame), or Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. (If you're not a child of the '80s, Google the name. You won't be disappointed in the character who hosted Elvira's Movie Macabre, the movie, or the song by The Oak Ridge Boys!)

If you want to really capitalize on your cat's attitude (cattitude, if you will), try a mischievous or badass cat name like Zanzibar or Harley. If your kitty is a barrel of monkeys, a funny name like Pea (as in black-eyed) could be fitting.

Favorite TV shows and movies provide great cat name inspiration if you (or your cat) enjoy the big or small screens. How about naming your black cat after a fellow feline like Sylvester from Looney Tunes ("Sufferin' succotash!") or after an equally dark, loud-breathing character like Darth Vader?

Black-eyed children or black-eyed kids, in American contemporary legend, are paranormal creatures that resemble children between ages 6 and 16,[1] with pale skin and black eyes, who are reportedly seen hitchhiking or begging, or are encountered on doorsteps of residential homes.[2][3][4]

While tabloid coverage of these creatures has claimed that tales of black-eyed children have existed since the 1980s,[5] most sources indicate that the legend originated from 1996 postings written by Texas reporter Brian Bethel on a "ghost-related mailing list," relating two alleged encounters with "black-eyed kids." Bethel describes encountering two such children in Abilene, Texas in 1996,[6] and claims that a second person had a similar, unrelated encounter in Portland, Oregon.[1] Bethel's stories have become regarded as classic examples of creepypasta, and gained such popularity that he published a FAQ "just to keep up with demand for more info about the new urban legend."[2] In 2012, Brian Bethel told his story on reality TV series Monsters and Mysteries in America. He wrote a follow-up article for the Abilene Reporter News, describing his experience and maintaining his belief that it was legitimate.[6]

In 2012, the horror film Black Eyed Kids was produced with Kickstarter funding, its director commenting that the creepy children were "an urban legend that's been floating around on the Internet for years now, I always thought it was fascinating."[7] A 2013 episode of MSN's Weekly Strange that featured reports of black eyed children is thought to have helped spread the legend on the internet.[1]

During one week in September 2014, the British tabloid Daily Star ran three sensationalistic front-page stories about alleged sightings of black-eyed children, connected to the sale of a supposedly haunted pub in Staffordshire.[8] The paper claimed a "shock rise in sightings around the world". Alleged sightings are taken seriously by ghost hunters, some of whom believe black eyed children to be extraterrestrials, vampires, or ghosts.[9]

You may be wondering, "So I can get a whole new look, just by using black contact lenses?" and you'd be absolutely right! There's no limit to the costumes you can pair with these fashionable contacts, so grab a pair and get inspired!

Searching for a way to bring a freaky edge to your Halloween look? Craving something dark, mysterious and oh-so-spooky? Then look no further than our incredible selection of black lenses! Perfect for transforming your stare in the blink of an eye, these fashionable contacts will take your look from normal to nightmarish in an instant.

Explore your creativity with our black colored contacts. With our new Virtual Mirror, you can try out black color contact lenses before you buy. Simply add a selfie and select the lenses you would like to try. You can try on as many as you like and can add your chosen product straight to your basket once you have found the perfect lens.

As you can guess, the most popular use of this color is as black contact lenses Halloween. With every kind of zombie and witch costume, these lenses will take you from trick or treat to a full horror film. If you are looking for some inspiration be sure to head to our Instagram page for plenty of pictures of people using our lenses. Our talented Instagram affiliates are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

We have several varieties of full eye black contact lenses to suit your needs. The differing durations and color coverage are designed to help you find the lens that is perfect for you. Please note these lenses can obscure vision. These full black contact lenses are perfect for photoshoots and are incredibly popular with our Instagram affiliates.

Another favorite design is our mini sclera black contact lenses. These lenses cover a larger proportion of the pupil and part of the sclera in a spooky black cloak. The effect of these lenses is to give the iris a fuller look; this, in turn, will create an even more frightening final finish. This wide-eyed style is sure to make you look like a mystical creature from another planet.

Another popular combination is a white and black contact lens. The stark contrast is sure to help your eyes stand out from the crowd. This winning combination comes in a variety of designs from vampire styles to novelty prints.

Are your glasses cramping your scare factor? We have some good news for you. Our range of prescription black contact lenses will help you see clearly while enjoying a funky cosmetic lens. You can select the power of each eye in order to get the exact match to your own prescription.

Before wearing prescription or non prescription black lenses it is important to check your eye suitability. Not everyone is suited to wearing cosmetic contact lenses, which is why it is important to check with your optometrist or eye doctor. Be sure to ask any questions you may have to a professional for the best advice on whether or not colored contact lenses are for you.

If you are a regular Cosplayer or love to go to costume parties frequently then we definitely recommend our 30 day or 90 day styles. The duration begins from the first time you use your lenses so be sure to note down the date as you should never wear lenses longer than specified on the box. With the longer duration black eye contacts, make sure to store them in a clean case with some lens solution.

Need somewhere to store your new lenses? Check out our lens cases and kits range. These cost-effective storage containers will provide a sealed container for your lenses. The kits also include hand tools to help you care for and insert your black contacts.

For US customers shopping black colored contact lenses from our America Warehouse, there are additional features available on our website. This includes Fast USA Delivery available on a large range of our costume black colored contact lenses. Shop from the United States and receive the full service for FDA Approved colored contacts in your prescription. Enjoy unique promotions for US customers which you can be notified of by joining our mailing list.

When you purchase corrective and non-corrective contact lenses it is important to ensure the lenses match your eye measurements and requirements. This is why we offer a service that allows your eye doctor to check that the products you are ordering are suitable for your eyes. At checkout, you will have the option to include your optician information however you will need to make sure that the lenses you have added to your basket match the corrective power you need as this cannot be changed once your order has been placed.

Many of our black colored contact lenses remain popular throughout the year, not just for the Halloween season so you can pick up a pair any day of the year with fast America Shipping. Shop our most popular styles from our USA fulfillment center, including:

Black coloured contacts are one of the most popular styles of Halloween lenses but this isn't the only time of year that this classic style can come in handy. Check out our talented affiliates to see some of the ways you could style your black contact lenses!

Finding the right color and design in a contact can be difficult, that is why we have created our Coloured Contacts gallery page for inspiration. For those of you who have darker colored eyes, it can be hard to wear a light colored lens as darker brown eyes colors can often show through. But, do not let that get you down because we have a solution. Check out our red and black eye contacts. They can conceal your natural dark eye color and give you an all new look that you have never seen before.

Additionally, we have all black eye contacts that can cover your original eye color and black out your eye, or black eye contacts Halloween that were made for the spookiest of nights. The design and style you pick is really up to you, but we promise you one thing, it is not going to be easy to narrow it down to just one pair. We have so many amazing eye contacts black that you will likely go home with multiple designs and colors. That is okay though because they never go out of style.

There are so many unique costumes and Halloween looks that could be pulled off with our black lenses, do not think that you are limited to these few ideas. In fact, we know you will come up with some amazing costume looks on your own so be sure to share with us how you have decided to use them. We love to hear more about how artists and stylists like you use our black eye contacts. If you are short on ideas, consider browsing through our coloured contacts gallery; we are certain that you will find something that inspires you there. 041b061a72


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