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Cast Away (2000) BluRay 720p 900MB Ganool

Cast Away (2000) BluRay 720p 900MB Ganool

Cast Away is a 2000 American survival drama film directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks as a FedEx employee who gets stranded on an uninhabited island after a plane crash. The film explores his physical and emotional challenges as he tries to survive and return to civilization. The film also features Helen Hunt, Nick Searcy, and Chris Noth in supporting roles.

The film was a critical and commercial success, earning $429 million worldwide and receiving positive reviews from critics, who praised Hanks' performance, Zemeckis' direction, and the cinematography by Don Burgess. The film was nominated for two Academy Awards, including Best Actor for Hanks and Best Sound Mixing.

Cast Away (2000) BluRay 720p 900MB Ganool



In December 1995, Chuck Noland (Hanks), a FedEx systems engineer, is sent on an assignment to Malaysia. On Christmas Eve, he proposes to his girlfriend Kelly Frears (Hunt) before boarding a flight to resolve a problem in another country. However, the plane encounters a violent storm and crashes into the Pacific Ocean. Chuck survives the crash and manages to inflate a life raft, but loses the emergency locator transmitter in the process. He drifts to an island and falls asleep on the beach.

The next day, Chuck finds that the island is uninhabited and has no signs of human life. He tries to make a fire, but fails. He also injures his hand while trying to open a coconut. He throws a volleyball that was in one of the FedEx packages and notices that it has a bloody handprint on it. He draws a face on the ball and names it Wilson, making it his companion.

Over the next four years, Chuck adapts to his new environment and learns how to survive. He makes a fire, builds a shelter, catches fish, and opens coconuts. He also keeps track of time by making marks on a cave wall. He tries to escape the island by building a raft, but it is destroyed by the coral reef surrounding the island. He becomes depressed and contemplates suicide, but decides to live instead.

One day, he finds a washed-up piece of a portable toilet that he uses as a sail for a new raft. He also finds the emergency locator transmitter, but it is damaged and useless. He decides to leave the island with Wilson and some of the FedEx packages that he never opened. He sets sail on his raft and hopes to be rescued by a passing ship.

After some time at sea, Chuck encounters a storm that nearly capsizes his raft. He manages to survive, but loses Wilson when he falls off the raft. Chuck cries out for Wilson, but he drifts away. Chuck continues his journey alone.

Eventually, Chuck is spotted by a cargo ship and rescued. He is taken to Memphis, Tennessee, where he reunites with his friend and coworker Stan (Searcy) and learns that he was presumed dead. He also learns that Kelly has married another man named Jerry Lovett (Noth) and has a daughter. Chuck visits Kelly at her house and tells her that he never stopped loving her. Kelly admits that she still loves him too, but she has moved on with her life. They share a kiss before parting ways.

Chuck returns some of the FedEx packages that he kept with him, including one with angel wings painted on it. He does not open it, but wonders what was inside. He then drives to Texas to deliver it to its intended recipient, but finds that she is not home. He leaves the package at her doorstep with a note saying that it saved his life.

As he drives away, he stops at a crossroads and looks at his map. A woman (Lari White) stops by and asks him for directions. She tells him that she is an artist who makes metal sculptures and shows him one of her works: angel wings similar to those on the package. She also tells him that the road he is looking for does not exist anymore. She drives away after giving him directions to the nearest town.

Chuck looks at the package again and sees that it has the same address as the woman's truck. He realizes that she was the sender of the package and that she lives nearby. He smiles and watches her drive away, wondering if he should follow her or not.


Cast Away is a captivating and emotional film that showcases the power of human resilience and the importance of hope. Tom Hanks delivers a remarkable performance as Chuck, a man who undergoes a profound transformation as he faces the challenges of survival and isolation. He conveys a wide range of emotions, from fear and anger to joy and sorrow, with minimal dialogue and only a volleyball as his co-star. He also underwent a physical transformation, losing 55 pounds to portray Chuck's emaciated appearance after four years on the island.

Robert Zemeckis directs the film with skill and vision, creating a realistic and immersive experience for the audience. He uses long shots and silence to emphasize the vastness and loneliness of the island, as well as the contrast between Chuck's life before and after the crash. He also uses sound effects and music sparingly, only adding them when they serve the story. The film features an original score by Alan Silvestri, who composed a minimalist and haunting theme that reflects Chuck's state of mind.

The film also explores themes such as survival, love, loss, and fate. It shows how Chuck adapts to his new environment and learns to appreciate the simple things in life, such as fire, food, and water. It also shows how he clings to his love for Kelly as his motivation to live and return home. However, he also faces the harsh reality of losing her and having to start over. The film raises questions about the meaning of life and the role of destiny, as Chuck wonders why he survived the crash and what his purpose is.

Cast Away is a film that will stay with you long after you watch it. It is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the value of hope. It is also a reminder that life is unpredictable and that we should cherish every moment we have.


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