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A View From The Top: Irvine, California

Humans and other animals have a remarkable capacity to translate their position from one spatial frame of reference to another. The ability to seamlessly move between top-down and first-person views is important for navigation, memory formation, and other cognitive tasks. Evidence suggests that the medial temporal lobe and other cortical regions contribute to this function. To understand how a neural system might carry out these computations, we used variational autoencoders (VAEs) to reconstruct the first-person view from the top-down view of a robot simulation, and vice versa. Many latent variables in the VAEs had similar responses to those seen in neuron recordings, including location-specific activity, head direction tuning, and encoding of distance to local objects. Place-specific responses were prominent when reconstructing a first-person view from a top-down view, but head direction-specific responses were prominent when reconstructing a top-down view from a first-person view. In both cases, the model could recover from perturbations without retraining, but rather through remapping. These results could advance our understanding of how brain regions support viewpoint linkages and transformations.

A View From The Top: Irvine, California

The centerpiece attraction of the park, the Great Park Balloon, takes tourists 400 feet into the air for a bird's-eye view of the park and the surrounding region. And adjacent to the Great Park Balloon, the Palm Court Art Complex features the Great Park Gallery and a 10,000-square-foot event center converted from a former military hangar.

One of the top places to embrace the nice weather in Irvine is at Orange County Great Park. This 1,300-acre park offers plenty of amenities, including a sports complex, an ice rink, and an art gallery. A unique feature to Great Park is the Great Park Balloon, where visitors can float 400 feet above the park to catch incredible views of Irvine and the surrounding mountains. Events are regularly hosted here, from the farmers market to seasonal festivals.

There are big payoffs on the short but steep Top of the World hike in Laguna Beach. You'll climb through the coastal scrub of Aliso and Wood Canyon Wilderness Park until you reach the panoramic vista at Top of the World. From there, you'll have views from Catalina Island to Mt Baldy, and there's even a bench where you can soak it all in.


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