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Timing Diagram Of Lhld Instruction In 8085

The first commercially successful microprocessor is the 8085 microprocessor by Intel. This microprocessor was mainly developed to eliminate the drawbacks of 8080 architecture. 8085 microprocessor is an 8-bit microprocessor because at a time it works on 8-bits and the technology used to design this processor is N-MOS technology. As compared to other microprocessors, this microprocessor is very popular because it has some unique characteristics like it is an 8-bit device, designed with a single NMOS IC including 6200 transistors. In this processor, a total of 80 instructions and246 operational codes are present. It includes an internal CLK generator and works on a CLK cycle including 50% duty cycle. This article discusses an overview of the instruction set of 8085 microprocessor, types with examples.

Timing Diagram Of Lhld Instruction In 8085

DB10Input data to accumulator from a port with 8-bit addressArithmetic Instruction of 8085The arithmetic instructions perform different operations like addition, subtraction, increment & decrement on the data within memory & register in the 8085 microprocessor.

Thus, this is all about an overview of the Instruction Set of the 8085 Microprocessor. The main function of instruction in an 8085 microprocessor is, it is a binary command used for executing an operation within the microprocessor over provided data. So, a set of instructions supported by the 8085 microprocessor is called an instruction set. Here is a question for you, what are the applications of the 8085 microprocessor?

I lilrffl ilil rilt ililt Iilil ilil lfil PG - 474 II Semester M.C.A. Degree Examination, July/August 20lL (Y2K5 Scheme) (Computer Science) 2 MCA 4 : ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE PROGRAMMING AND MICROPROCESSORS Time :3 Hours Instruction : Max" Marks : 80 Answer any 5.full questions, selecting at least 2 questions from each Part. 1. 2. -). PART - A a) Discuss the concept of interfacing of I/o devices with g0g5 Mpu. b) Discuss I/O mapped IiO and memory mapped I/O. a) Explain multiplexing in 8085 and various flags of 8085. b) Explain the function of various pins of 8085 with a neat pin diagram. a) Draw and explain the timing diagram for the instructions MVI A, 05 h and STA address instructions. b) Explain the memory interfacing with SDK 85 memory chip. I I I 8 10 6 4. u) Discuss the functions of different instruction set of 8085 with an example for each along with flag register status. b) Explain the generation of time delay using a 8 bit register. 10 6 PART _ B 5. a) Explain the foilowing instructions of 8085. i) LHLD ii) DAD iii) DAA v) ACI data. iv) XCHG b) Explain call and return instructions of 8085" 10 6 P.T.O.

An Instruction is a command given to the computer to perform a specified operation on given data. The instruction set of a microprocessor is the collection of the instructions that the microprocessor is designed to execute. The instructions described here are of Intel 8085. These instructions are of Intel Corporation. They cannot be used by other microprocessor manufactures. The programmer can write a program in assembly language using these instructions. These instructions have been classified into the following groups: 041b061a72

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