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Nas Life Is Good Deluxe Album Zip [NEW]

33. BRONZEX - Bronzex This is not a party record. Neither are these dudes from Brooklyn a house band. The quartet are all veterans of indie rock. Mike Elizondo, for instance, recorded with Cass McCombs. But they take this music down a path no one has ever traveled. The Zombies on Paranoia, the new album from the quartet, is a record that ranges from druggy, dreamy folk to garage-rock and the two always sit side by side. The songs all have a secret ingredient, a sort of buried sub-structure that gives them weight, a textural depth and an air of mystery. There's a touch of Jon Brion to the album, as well as a touch of the British experimental movement of the '60s. The collection has a certain feel of the Bowery, with loose song structures and a sense of the surreal. But like the best modern pop music, it has substance. A wonderfully flexible collection that is as good on the surface as it is under the surface. This record did not announce its arrival by blowing you away with a big bang. It simply crept up on you.

nas life is good deluxe album zip

29. FUGAZI - Mass Madness After last year's breakout status, the music world is waiting to find out if the former, definitive supergroup will be able to maintain momentum. Unluckily for those waiting, the answer is yes. 2014's Mass Madness, it's a record of total reinvention. Tired of being lumped in with the name Fugazi, G.B.H. made a record that deserved the group's highly-respected legacy. The collection is a wild ride from start to finish. Many of the songs on the album are supposed to evoke a certain emotion or feeling. But at times, they seem to be about emotion itself. Vocalist/guitarist/lyricist Ian MacKaye and drummer Bill Doss wrote, shaped and polished the songs into a fine-tuned musical assault. The record is more textured and layered than most albums that come from the rest of the band. It's post-rock, but it is the kind of post-rock that would be right at home at the Hideout.


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