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Sims 4 Default Eyelash Replacement EXCLUSIVE

A Maxis-match eyelashes mod that comes in 45 whopping swatches; there are 15 lash styles with 3 colors each. You have the option of them being categorized with the eyeglasses, or with mouth creases, so your bespectacled sims can wear these lovely lashes too! Get this collection here.

Sims 4 Default Eyelash Replacement

Bigger? Check. Badder? Check. Bolder? Double check! This is the eyelashes mod you want for your G-L-A-M sims! There are 3 styles in deep black that you can find in the eyeglasses section. Go here if you want these super dramatic falsies for your sims!

Switching gears into the mythical, this collection features a dozen sets of eyelashes in all sorts of funky colors that sims and mermaids alike can flaunt. You can find them in the eyeglasses section but you have to download them here first!

I'm having this exact same issue - huge block eyelashes, static hair. I'm running the 64bit on Catalina, 2018 Macbook Air. The game runs amazingly smooth, handles mods and CC - but that static + eyelash thing sucks. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard for EA to patch, either. Has anyone found a solution that works, like using CC eyelashes to replace the default?

@kitkat1819 Yes, you could set your sims' eyelash sliders to the minimum and then apply custom content eyelashes; I've heard anecdotally that this works fine, although I haven't tested myself. As for the static hair, it would help if you attached your deviceconfig to a post (you can edit this one to add it if you want). That issue does not happen everyone, so info about affected hardware is useful.

Just like with face templates, you can mix and match default skins from different creators as long as you only have one for each of the four skin tones. You can also find defaults for supernatural skins including aliens, zombies, plantsims, genies, werewolves, etc.

THIS IS A DEFAULT REPLACEMENT. It will override the EA eye colours. Put the package file in your mods folder like usual but be aware that you can only have one eye default replacement in your game. You will find the eyes in the eye category (see preview picture 2). 350c69d7ab


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