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Download File Reallusion IClone 7 Mocap Profile...

Exclusive value with any purchase of the Mocap Gear Profiles (Software) for iPhone, Leap Motion and Perception Neuron gear profiles and bundle packages from the Reallusion Store. For every purchase you will get 2 mocap profiles each for Motion LIVE 2D and Motion LIVE 3D plugins. Start your LIVE 2D Mocap Animation today. Learn More

Download File Reallusion iClone 7 Mocap Profile...

Currently there are 3 Mocap Gear Profiles available for both Motion LIVE 2D and 3D. These include iPhone Profile, Leap Motion Profile, Perception Neuron Profile. Please Contact Us if you with to get profiles for other mocap gears. More Information about Motion LIVE 2D and Motion LIVE 3D. 041b061a72

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