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Itoo Forest Pack Pro V4.3.6 For 3ds Max Crack 68

How to use iToo Forest Pack Pro v4.3.6 for 3ds Max 68

iToo Forest Pack Pro is the world's most popular scattering plugin for 3ds Max. It allows you to create realistic and complex scenes with thousands of objects, such as trees, plants, buildings, crowds, rocks, and more. In this article, we will show you how to use iToo Forest Pack Pro v4.3.6 for 3ds Max 68, the latest version of the plugin that supports 3ds Max 2024 and Arnold 7.2.


Installing iToo Forest Pack Pro v4.3.6

To install iToo Forest Pack Pro v4.3.6, you need to download the installer from the iToo Software website. You can choose between a full installer or an update installer, depending on whether you have a previous version of the plugin installed or not. The installer will guide you through the installation process and ask you to enter your license information. You can activate your license online or offline, depending on your preference.

Creating a Forest Object

To create a forest object, you need to select a surface where you want to scatter your objects, such as a plane or a terrain. Then go to the Create panel, choose Geometry, and select iToo Software from the drop-down list. Click on the Forest icon and then click on the surface in the viewport. This will create a forest object with some default settings and objects.

Customizing the Forest Object

To customize the forest object, you need to go to the Modify panel and open the Forest Pack rollout. Here you can see several tabs that let you adjust different aspects of the forest object, such as:

  • The Geometry tab: Here you can add, remove, or edit the objects that you want to scatter. You can use any type of geometry, such as meshes, proxies, XRefs, or even other forest objects. You can also randomize the scale, rotation, and alignment of the objects.

  • The Distribution tab: Here you can control how the objects are distributed on the surface. You can use different modes, such as density, map, path, reference, or paint. You can also use areas to define where the objects are scattered or excluded.

  • The Transform tab: Here you can apply global transformations to the forest object, such as translation, rotation, scale, or mirror.

  • The Display tab: Here you can change how the forest object is displayed in the viewport and in the render. You can use different modes, such as points-cloud, mesh, proxy, or custom.

  • The Animation tab: Here you can animate the forest object using different methods, such as follow geometry, random time offset, or frame from map.

  • The Effects tab: Here you can apply advanced effects to the forest object using expressions or presets. You can use effects to create complex behaviors or interactions between objects.

  • The Tools tab: Here you can access some useful tools for working with forest objects, such as optimize areas, consolidate materials, export items, or convert to instances.

Rendering with Arnold

iToo Forest Pack Pro v4.3.6 supports Arnold 7.2 in 3ds Max 2022 and above. To render your forest object with Arnold, you need to assign an Arnold material to your objects and enable Arnold in the render settings. You can also use some of the native shaders that come with iToo Forest Pack Pro, such as Forest Color or Forest Edge. These shaders allow you to create variations in color or opacity based on different parameters.


iToo Forest Pack Pro v4.3.6 is a powerful and versatile plugin for creating realistic and complex scenes with thousands of objects in 3ds Max 68. It supports 3ds Max 2024 and Arnold 7.2 and offers many features and options to customize your scatters. You can download a free trial version from the iToo Software website and start creating amazing scenes with iToo Forest Pack Pro.


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