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Hurra Po Polsku 1 Download Pdf

Hurra Po Polsku 1 Download Pdf

Hurra Po Polsku 1 is a popular series of textbooks for learning Polish as a foreign language. It consists of a student's book and a workbook, as well as audio files for both parts. The series is designed for beginners who want to reach the A1 level of proficiency in Polish. It covers various topics related to everyday life, such as family, travel, business, internet, sports, and religious holidays. It also introduces the reality and culture of Poland through authentic and realistic texts, illustrations, and videos.

If you are interested in learning Polish with Hurra Po Polsku 1, you might be wondering where to get the pdf version of the books and the audio files. Unfortunately, there is no official website where you can download them for free. However, there are some unofficial sources where you can find them online. Here are some of them:

Download Zip:

  • [Prolog Publishing] is the publisher of Hurra Po Polsku 1. On their website, you can buy the printed books or the electronic versions in pdf format. You can also download the mp3 recordings for each lesson online, as well as watch the videos for each lesson on your phone with the PROLOG Augmented App. The prices are 84.90 zł for the student's book and 49.90 zł for the workbook.

  • [] is a website that offers online courses and materials for learning Polish. On their website, you can find a page dedicated to Hurra Po Polsku 1, where you can download the pdf files of the books and the audio files for free. However, these files are not authorized by the publisher and might be incomplete or outdated.

  • [YouTube] is a video-sharing platform where you can find many videos related to learning Polish. On YouTube, you can watch some of the videos from Hurra Po Polsku 1 that are uploaded by different users. However, these videos are not official and might not match the content of the books.

As you can see, there are some options for downloading Hurra Po Polsku 1 in pdf format online, but none of them are perfect. The best way to learn Polish with Hurra Po Polsku 1 is to buy the original books from the publisher or a trusted bookstore and use them with the official audio and video materials. This way, you will get the most out of this series and enjoy learning Polish in a fun and effective way.


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