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[S5E17] The Perfect Guy

On board the dissident group's segment Kim enters Tal's cabin. She has decided to go to a binary star system and explore. Kim tells her to think of him next time she runs across a Class 3 nebula. Later in sickbay, The Doctor tries to get Kim to take medication, but he wants to allow the effects to run their course. The captain permits this, but she does expect him to not allow his condition to affect his duties since he willingly refused treatment and also tells him that his formal reprimand will still remain on his record. Janeway admits that she has been wondering if her reaction to Kim's relationship would differ if it was another crewman, such as Paris, and while she would still have been angry and disappointed she wouldn't have been as surprised. She also tells him that, although she cares deeply about each member of her crew, she always felt more protective about Harry since he came aboard Voyager straight out of Starfleet Academy. Kim reminds her that nearly five years have passed, and he's changed since then, and Janeway agrees that he may not be the perfect officer anymore he will have become a better man thanks to his experience.

[S5E17] The Perfect Guy


In The Box, Jake and Holt work together to try to get him to confess to the murder of his medical-practice partner in their dental office, Robert Rob Henry Tupper, Friday 22nd. There are only circumstantial evidences and no alibi against him, but he thinks he has outsmarted the police and perform the perfect crime to get away with. He ends up confessing to his crime, not bearing being displayed as sloppy and impulsive. 041b061a72

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