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Font Kanteiryu

Step up to the table and work on a clean, undistracted, high-quality surface. Typefaces are designed for specific contexts like products, services and industries. You select one of those contexts and begin a process of essential research. How can you make your new font play a role in this context? (Hiyoko was born of this process.)

font kanteiryu

Kanteiryu faces have the same capacity as any other fonts. But thats why theyre unique; they dont have a character basis like most other Japanese fonts. (The term kana [means character in Japanese] is usually used to refer to hand-written characters that are derived from native Japanese scripts.)

HiragiGoHiragiGo is a primitive font that does not include as wide a variety of characters as other font faces; however, it is an interesting style for the examination of Japanese script characters. In this font, the only stroke that is made by forming a parallel line with the main stroke (or the character line) is drawn for the denominators of places such as in. In addition to the above, HiragiGo also includes NanaGo, which were created by combining different styles with each other. In particular, it is possible to have a variety of styles which are drawn in the same manner, which means that you can create an attractive look by mixing and matching the styles.

In addition to the way it is written, the script KANTAI has been used in Japan to write calligraphy for thousands of years. Using this font, it is possible to recreate the script in a similar style. Kanatai initially was written with an ink brush, but is now mainly used in the form of a computer font. In this font, the word katakana, which means both screen and calligraphy, is written in katakana.

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