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Of The - Ark Of The Covenant, Ron Wyatt NEW!

The Pulpit. "Deathbed Confession of Ron Wyatt, Discoverer of the Ark of the Covenant." Guerilla Christianity (The Pulpit) . Guerilla Christianity (The Pulpit), 21 Oct. 2008. Web. -confession-of-ron-wyatt-discoverer-of-the-ark-of-the-covenant/.

of the - Ark of the Covenant, Ron Wyatt

Taken on its own terms, archaeology can reveal an awful lot about the ark of the covenant, and some of these discoveries have been unearthed in very recent times. The Jewish temple once stood on the area now known as the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Under Islamic control, archaeology is forbidden there but archaeologists have been able to investigate around its outer walls and even debris discarded from construction work on the site itself.

I ran into Ron Wyatt while doing alot of archeological research. He's a quack. He's been proven to be a fraud that has perpetetrated a great hoax. He claims to have discovered the Ark of the covenant, as well as Noahs ark.

Hebrews 9:19 says that Moses sprinkled blood and water above the book of the law in order to confirm the old covenant at Sinai. This was a type of what Christ did when He confirmed the new covenant, which He did on the cross. So just as Moses sprinkled animal blood, and water above the book of the law in the type, Christ had to sprinkle His blood and water above the tables of the law in the antitype. 041b061a72

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