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DNA activation activates your physical, spiritual, and cosmic DNA strands that have been inactive or dormant.  It says that only 3-5% of our DNA functions, and the rest 95-97% are so-called "Junk".  However, we are more than our physical body; we are also spiritual and cosmic beings.  The dormant part of our DNA, which is our spiritual and cosmic DNA, has so much potential, which can be cleared, restored, and activated.  DNA activation can help you live fully with your full potential.  DNA Activation consists of two parts: Part 1) Strands 1-24 / Part 2) Strands 25-48.

Key Benefits:

•It helps you reconnect to your soul, bringing you back to who you indeed are 
•Unlock the dormant spiritual power.
•Live your life path and purpose fully with confidence, authenticity, and joy.
•Shift your energy to evolve even further.

Why should I take this private session?

This is not just a healing session.  It is transformational work.  Once your spiritual and cosmic DNA strands are activated, it is permanent. This helps you live your fullest potential. Your life energy flows freely in every level of yourself, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and universal. Your essence will be anchored to the heart of the Earth and the grid of the Universe.  It is time to heal, love and honour yourself on a deep soul level.  For the next ten years, people's consciousness will shift, social system will change, and the world will face a massive transformation.  Earth needs more awakened, compassionate, and love-based people.  It is time for us to find our truth, not others' truth.  Follow your heart, follow your soul. 

What is covered in DNA Activation?

•Seal/Tag (energy distractor) removal 

•Restoration of damaged DNA

•Activation of DNA strands

•Energy body alignment

•Clearance of chakras and aura

•Messages and guidance from Masters, Angels, Guides, and spirits

•Access to Akashic Records, your Clair gifts, and ancient archetypes 

Activate your DNA strands and energy in your body with Yoshimi Janus. This special private consultation consists of 2 parts of deep energy healing. Part 1 will activate DNA strands 1-24 whilst Part 2 continues to activate DNA strand 25-48.

By Appointment


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Life Balance Healing Specialist
Certified Meditation Instructor


Part 1

SG$ 1,010

• Session 1: Activation 1-12

• Session 2: Shadow Work

• Session 3: Activation 13-24

DNA Activation Bundle

Part 2

SG$ 1,010

• Session 1: Activation 25-36

• Session 2: Activation 37-48

• Session 3: Follow Up Session

Part 1 + Part 2

SG$ 1,630

Once you made a purchase, please contact us on WhatsApp or Email us to arrange the schedule

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