Affiliate Trainers

An Affiliate Trainer has completed the Instructors Certification Course Level 2 and has achieved this certification of their Train-the-Trainer qualification.  Many who appear here are working independently within their own businesses or whom work part-time only for The Golden Space Centres worldwide when required or invited.

They appear here once completing the course requirements and maintain this affiliation whilst adhering to the course guidelines and certification requirements.

Affiliate Trainers

The Golden Space is committed to providing the highest quality training and instructors courses for active and growing potentials in their careers. This series of instructors training is for those interested to realise and attain their higher potentials in life, and to further clear their blockages and fears of facing people and situations with more positivity and confidence through this public speaking training. 


Master Umesh H. Nandwani personally mentors and ensures that participants receive the highest level of coaching throughout the course to draw out their personal strengths and innate capabilities. Through the development of proven and deliverable content, participants are able to speak confidently publicly from their hearts with passion and conviction about their own practitioner work. Master Umesh H. Nandwani provides a platform for the development of this work and assists in drawing out the aspects of individuality which creates authentic, personalised and powerful practitioners. 

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